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Retired Photographer after many years of successful Freelancing with the Nationals in Fleet Street and many Publishers. Specialised in Soccer (in colour) supplying Comics, Magazines, Card Promos, Give-Aways and the like. I guarantee most of you collected my pictures at some time. Biggest mistake..did not file my pix or start a Library. No time-there was always another match to cover, another plane to catch. Need to go round the Pubishsers with the latest pix. Have pictures..must show & sell.etc. etc. etc. Seven years ago sold off all my gear- motorised Canons,lenses from 24-400mm, Rollies, Flash outfits etc. etc. Did not even own a Box Brownie and I did not know how to use the camera on my phone. Went onto a completely different type of business but in the end sold up & retired for good. A couple of months ago I saw a Brand New Canon SLR body with 3 Canon lenses etc for sale in a Charity shop window. So cheap I just could not resist so I am now back in Photography but not as a Pro. I just take pix for myself-only in Colour. I use a local colour photo shop who prints a contact sheet of my film and one 5x7 off every neg. I still love it especially the thrill of picking up my package from the print shop. I don't understand Digital or whatever and as long as Mr Kodak makes ColourPlus and Portra 400 I am a happy Bunny.

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