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SISLP welcomes into membership photographers whose photographic interest cover every sport and leisure activity. Enthusiasts through to Professional photographers are welcome into membership and whatever your sporting interest happens to be.

For sports photographers who are capturing the action and excitement of a sporting event it can be a harrowing experience and full of trial and error. Unlike most other photographic forms, sports photography is demanding because such a small window of opportunity is available to the photographer to capture the emotional moments, the hits and the misses of the game.

That is why it is essential that a sports photographer receives the best training and mentoring available. Being a member of SISLP will help you with your photography, our team our team of experts will give positive feedback and advice on your imagery and encourage you through the qualification system.

You will have the opportunity to share your images with fellow photographers and get positive feedback.

You will be kept up-to-speed with the latest info from the photographic industry by our informative newsletters and magazine.

The Society of International Sport & Leisure Photographers offer a range of membership packages which include a variety of benefits. So whatever your sport join our friendly Society, enter into our competitions, engage with fellow photographers on our interactive Forum, get help with your photography through our mentoring program and gain distinctions through our qualification structure and receive our leading membership magazine Professional Imagemaker.

You will be made more than welcome.

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Last Modified: Thursday, 22 July 2021