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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2014


So what advice would Ross give to someone who is considering a career in sports photography? "The most important thing is to understand the kit you're working with. What lots of people do is go out and buy cameras and then try to shoot sports, but they haven't taken the time to really learn how to use their equipment." Finding work can be tricky too, but Ross suggests you start at local events before working your way up the ladder. "Start looking at magazines, get some inspiration and then go out to your local sports events and just shoot. If people like your work then offer to sell it to them." It sounds simple but it takes relentless dedication to shooting what you love in order to get a break in sports photography. The other key is networking according to Ross, "Being social is very important to being a sports photographer. But you need to be getting your stuff out there and talking to people so that you can make new connections."


Given that he seems so driven and full of ambition, I had to ask Ross what the future holds for Dirty Green Trainers. "I like to think that at the moment we're only walking, we're not quite running yet." As part of a commitment to picking the best triathlon photographers out there Dirty Green Trainers already has photographers based in America, New Zealand and Australia. "The guys who work for me understand the Dirty Green Trainers' way of thinking and working, so I'd like for them to spread that ethos without the quality dropping at all." Ross also adds that he'd like to improve the technical aspects of the company such as the online sales experience so that it can be the best it can be.

"Ultimately though, I'd like Dirty Green Trainers to not just be a UK-based company, but to go global."

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