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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2014


Evolving in a changing market

At the Societies' Convention 2015 Ross is giving a Masterclass on the subject of adapting and evolving your business. Many photographers have been having a tough time of it in the last few years, not least of all from part-timers flooding the market, and Ross believes he found a solution. "I really loved what I did as a photographer, but I knew I couldn't carry on the way that I was," Ross says to me. "I want to tell other photographers about how I started photographing both extreme sports and portraits for the high-end market, diversifying my business from being almost exclusively about weddings."


Ross hopes that delegates at his Masterclass will be inspired explore how they can expand their photography businesses.

He'd also like them to be inspired having seen some of the images that he has produced in his new ventures. "Anything is possible in this industry and I think people are starting to understand that." However, Ross warns that it won't come easily; "you have to put the hard, hard effort in and that's what it often comes down to now. If people go away from my Masterclass enthused and they put the effort in to succeed, then I will be very happy."

Ross has won awards for sports photography, fashion photography and wedding photography, so a Masterclass on diversifying your business from someone who has been successful in so many fields is certainly worth putting on your 'must see' list!

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