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by Domenic Aquilina Published 01/12/2013


'It's the action and the adrenalin that I enjoy,' Domenic Aquilina enthuses. 'Especially when there are big prizes involved! The venue, the atmosphere, you feel like you are there to capture the most important images of the event!' Specialising in football, rugby and boxing, Domenic's relentless attitude to seeking opportunities has led to him covering the last eight Champions League Finals and becoming part of the UEFA Photographers' Pool. It may have taken years of hard work and trying to prove himself, but Domenic has finally made it to the top of his game.


Sports photography is a hot topic amongst many photographers. It's a prestigious genre to shoot but it sometimes seems that, unless you know the right person, there is no way into the circle of accredited photographers. At the Societies' Convention 2014 Domenic will be giving a Masterclass where he will reveal the secrets of the industry. 'I will be giving a full rundown of what makes a professional sports photographer and what clients look for. Accreditation, copyright issues and the wiring of images from the venue, it will all be in the presentation.' This Masterclass is truly unmissable for anyone who aspires to introduce sports photography to their business.

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