Photographing the Commonwealth Games - part 1 of 1 2 3

by Paul Zammit Cutajar Published 01/10/2014


A 600mm lens isolates the gymnast

No sooner had Paul Zammit Cutajar got back from the World Cup in Brazil than he was packing his gear to come to the UK to cover the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow (same rain, different temperature!).

Here we finish our third set of sport images in this issue in spectacular style. Amongst the most significant sporting events covered by Paul are the FIFA World Cup, the UEFA Champions' League and Europa League Cup Finals, the Olympic Games, World Swimming Championships and the Rugby World Cup.


Sports photography is frequently about survial of kit, photographer and competitors

It is interesting to compare and contrast the work of our sports photographers and if you would like more then get along to the Convention. Your Editor has had a long-standing ambition to gather more sports specialists at the Convention and this year although Paul is not speaking he will be joined by Ian Cook, Domenic Aquilina, James Gunn and Adam Duckworth. Previous sessions with these experienced specialists have proved to be interesting, educational, amazing and have usually carried over into the bar!

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