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by Paul Zammit Cutajar Published 01/10/2014


Costa Rica's Randall Brenes performs ballet with Greece's Jose Holebas 70-200+1.4 TC 1/1250 f4.0 ISO 2500

Of the 147 images Paul provided for selection, 118 were taken with a 400mm lens. Of the 147 images 137 of them were shot at f2.8. Combined, these two parameters show why Paul's shots are so 'tight' which enhances the higher sense of drama.


Rooney heads in against Uruguay, 400mm f2.8 1/1600 ISO 2500

It also provides a frequent problem to be solved by magazine page designers - the tightly cropped image always seems to be the wrong format; give us a landscape and we want a vertical, gives us a portrait format and we always have a double-page spread to fill!

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