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by Rob Summers Published 01/11/2010


Brief personal background and years as a pro.
I have been a broadcast cameraman for over ten years covering predominantly sport and adventure travel.

First camera/photo experience.
The one that sticks with me is seeing that first image appear in a developing tray in the darkroom. I remember getting very excited about the 'magic' of photography and being a part of the whole process.

With filming, I recall being asked if I would go out to Canary Islands for a week to assist on making some lifestyle features with a bunch of windsurfers. I remember thinking that getting involved in filming seemed like a good career move.

Why photography?
Moving and still images both possess similar and different challenges at the same time. What works for one does not necessarily work for the other, but what is consistent is the use of light and your creativity that is needed to make media work.

Film/digital (both?) Is there still any place for film?
There will always be a place for film, but it is vital to embrace new technology and evolve with it.

Capture and output devices used
I currently use Nikon DSLRs and a Canon camera for my filming..


Bit of detail about your own studio set-up/staffing
I work by myself. I want to capture and show things in a fresh and exciting way, to make things shareable and accessible, and to do so with a touch of my own creativity.

My wedding promos are short, 10-15 minute films that beautifully capture the day and present it in a way that will make you want to watch and share it time and time again.

With the commercial promos, I produce a 2-3 minute film where I really capture the essence of the people and business involved. Once incorporated into a website, it allows clients to get an instant feel for that business in a way that words and still images cannot achieve.

The problem with professional photographers today is...
They spend too much time wanting to do the fun things and don't devote enough time to the boring stuff that really matters such as market and business development..

The worst commercial error you have made to date
I try to divide my time between all aspects of the business. To do this I make a schedule and stick to it. I also think it's really helpful to stay in contact with other like-minded people; it keeps you motivated and focused.

Are you excited by the evolution of imaging?
The evolution of the imaging business is what motivated me to broaden my focus away purely from the broadcast side of the filmmaking. With the tools and means to edit pictures now becoming so much more accessible it has meant that the whole process has become a much wider playing field.

This is a double-edged sword. With increased accessibility, it means more people have the chance to get involved. But, along with this accessibility comes the opportunity to be creative and shine, to do things a little out of the ordinary and raise your game.

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