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Published 01/10/2016


By Paul Zamitt Cutajar

This issue we have compiled a piece on water sports - no, we are not talking coke- and booze-fuelled bikini parties in a jacuzzi. We are talking lung-bursting endurance, prune-like numb fingers, clammy wet-suits, slippery rocks and chlorine-bleached hair (and that's just the photographers!).


The London venue undergoing pump trials

Water sports come in all shapes and guises, the only common feature being water - often cold water, unless you are lucky enough to compete in Malta! They provide endless opportunities for photography but some are more amenable than others. In a slalom canoe event you know exactly where the action will be - right down between the paddle-width gates. You also get to see competitors one at a time, at predictable intervals. Conversely, with sailing you will need a boat, helicopter, or both, and a slice of luck to catch significant action.

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