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Published 01/10/2016


Spain's Maialen Chourraut Yurramendi won the bronze medal at the K-1 event at the 2012 Olympics in London but went on to win the gold medal at Rio de Janeiro. Here at London she appears to be without a boat!

Gate Codes

In slalom, competitors have to pass between poles hanging down from wires above the course. The poles are graded either green or red. Green gates are passed going downstream, red upstream. No part of the paddler or their equipment may make contact with the gate poles, doing so invokes a two-second penalty. Missing a gate completely is a race-losing 50-second penalty; the winning times at Rio were around 1˝ minutes.

Each paddler has two runs, with the fastest to count.

Events Diary

The events are posted on both the venues' websites and by UK Slalom ( committee/2017_Calendar_grid. pdf) and the documents show events somewhere almost every weekend of the year from March through to November.

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