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Published 01/08/2014


Image - Ian Cook © CameraSport

Just remind the readers how you set up the focussing on the cameras.

Ian Cook

All my Nikons are set the same, AFC, and 9-point Selection placed in the centre. It's a setting that I have used for many years, but also I use the back focus button to focus rather than the shutter release button.

Domenic Aquilina

The Canon 1DX is my big gun as regards action photos! I shoot in AV mode - in this case with the coupling of the 300mm f/2.8 + Canon Extender x 1.4 III which give me an ideal 420mm objective - and AI servo focusing, 12fps high-speed burst, evaluative metering.

On the Custom Controls Menu (Orange 5th Menu) I change the function of the "M-Fn" button to "Switch to custom shooting mode". This way I can keep on shooting yet I can toggle back and forth from AI Servo to One Shot by the touch of the "M-Fn" button with my index finger.

I use the nine-point squares choice toggling in all directions to my own needs as regards action-tracking, which I have found the best choice.


Image - Domenic Aquilina ©

You covered the teams' practice sessions at the Stadium of Light, were there any restrictions on what you photographed and reported upon?

Ian Cook

None at all really, we had the freedom of roaming around the outside of the LED boards; we only had an hour for each team, but it was enough to get stock images of the players we needed, eg Gareth Bale, Ronaldo, Costa, etc.

Domenic Aquilina

Not really. Training sessions are quite relaxed - it is basically just an introduction of what is to come the following day and get into the spirit of it! It just gives you the feel of what is set to happen the next day ?.

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