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Published 01/08/2014


Image - Ian Cook © CameraSport

There was quite a spat between Diego Simeone and the referee, Bjorn Kuipers, near the end, were you close to the incident?

Ian Cook

Yes it was right opposite me and I got shots of Simeone coming onto the pitch. At first none of us knew what was going on, with it being Simeone we thought he's just thrown his teddy out of his pram; but it turned out that Raphael Varane had kicked the ball at the bench. We caught the aftermath on camera.

Domenic Aquilina

I did not get the spat but I tracked Diego Simeone quite closely (photo attached). The picture is self-explanatory for those who saw the game; Simeone was furious about the five minutes of added time - rich considering his players had spent the second half throwing themselves theatrically into the ground Ed!


Image - Domenic Aquilina ©

How long did post production take you?

Ian Cook

Not long for me as I have mentioned I had Ashley and that was his job, after the game of course I looked over his shoulder and gave instructions on cropping, etc, but apart from that, that's all I did; Ashley did a great job for CameraSport and got the images processed and sent within minutes during the game.

Domenic Aquilina

In such a final I only get to wire off around 15 pictures, not more - the rest is post-processing at its best, at my own convenience, for possible selection by UEFA for eventual publications at a later stage.

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